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Notice : Job Recruitment Fraud

LERUS has been made aware of unauthorized individuals or organisations falsely using the LERUS name in emails and calls in an attempt to recruit on behalf of LERUS and solicit up-front fees from interested job-seekers or members of the public. LERUS wishes to stress that it has not authorized such e-mail based recruitment. We appeal to the public not to respond to the e-mail or any such emails.

There are a few quick ways to recognise fraud:

  1. LERUS official websites related to recruitment are: and
  2. Email communication on recruitment from LERUS, if any, would be sent by LERUS officials using only e-mail domains of
  3. No money transfers or payments of any kind will EVER be requested from applicants nor by LERUS, at any point in the recruitment process.

Should you experience any of the foregoing, please treat the communication as fraudulent and forward it to:


1. Masters, Chief Mates and Chief Engineers for Crew boat for work in Saudi Aramco. Candidates should be in possession of appropriate certification. Minimum 24 months experience in rank on crew boat and similar vessels. Also, must be fluent in English and have safe vessel handling capabilities. Candidates should be prepared to wait for 3-4 weeks to acquire necessary approval. Salary for Master US$160 200/per day, Chief Mate US$140 170/per day, Chief Engineer US$150 180/per day, Contract duration 3 months. Region of operation: Saudi Arabia.

2. Master/DPO, Chief Mate/DPO, 2nd mate/DPO, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, ETO for AHTS DP2 to work on AHTS DP2 in Saudi Arabia under ARAMCO. Candidates must have min 24 months in rank on similar vessels. Contract duration: 3+1 month. Candidates should be prepared to wait for 2-3 weeks to acquire necessary approval.

3. Master/DPO for PSV DP2, Middle East, 60 months experience in rank.

4. Chief Mate/DPO and Chief Engineer for PSV DP2, Middle East, 36 months experience in rank.

5. Chief Engineer for non DP PSV to work in Saudi Aramco. Crew must have min 24 months on AHTS/PSV, duration 3 months. Candidates should be prepared to wait for 3-4 weeks to acquire necessary ARAMCO approval.

6. Master for Jack up, must have miin 24 months in rank on same vessel. Saudi Arabia, ARAMCO.

Send your CV to the following emails:

DISCLAIMER: LERUS shall not be responsible for the content of any information nor shall it be liable for any conclusion, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever suffered or may be suffered by any part or members of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any information relating to prize redemption schemes, lucky draws or contests, and recruitment in LERUS from portals, websites or e-mail domains which are not authorised by LERUS.

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